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Sustainable Solutions First Project

March 2011

Today, I am pleased to announce a new initiative for Envision Environmental, Inc. (ENVISION) called the Sustainable Solutions First Project. This initiative is designed to take the experience gained through the past 25-years of managing environmental issues and applying this knowledge to communities struggling to make meaningful choices about their environmental futures. Through this new initiative, ENVISION intends to promote meaningful action on the causes of the types of environmental issues that we address each day for our many clients.

Over the years we have developed a philosophy that it is much easier and cost-effective to address an environmental issue before it becomes an environmental problem. Our approach toward managing environmental issues allows our clients to prevent significant environmental problems from occurring and to cost-effectively manage ongoing daily concerns – all while maintaining focus on our clients’ futures. As our motto states: ENVISION provides solutions for tomorrow’s environmental issues, today.

Now, given our vast and ever growing experience, we’re in the position to begin to make meaningful changes to the way communities operate before costly environmental issues arise. This allows ENVISION to focus on the economic, social, and environmental root causes of the many environmental problems that we are faced with on a daily basis. What better way to ensure an environmentally sound future than to engage our children, the future leaders and decision-makers, in this process? I firmly believe that solutions for many of our environmental problems can be found by using a clarity of vision and key problem-solving skills that are inherent in the limitless minds of our children.

The Sustainable Solutions First Project involves looking at the whole community as both client and partner. We are partnering with local business in Monmouth County NJ to launch this exciting program, which provides schools with access to legislative, business, and local leaders in order to help them engage in meaningful discussion about sustainability, economics, politics, and environmental issues that our children face as they grow into becoming our future leaders.

ENVISION is currently funding a pilot program at The Center at Ten South Street in Manasquan, NJ and hopes to expand this program in the future to provide this service to other schools as well.

Additionally as part of this initiative, ENVISION is now expanding its menu of tools available on its website by providing compliance and safety training through its online Virtual University, access to the latest environmental and regulatory news through its News Aggregator, and knowledge about important green tradeshows and government meetings through its Calendar of Useful Events (CUE).

By increasing others’ understanding of the issues on the ground today and involving our future leaders in the decision-making process through the Sustainable Solutions First Project - we will be very successful in ensuring a safe and environmentally sound future.

Please feel free to contact me at any time for further information on this exciting endeavor.

Mark Roman